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Add On Services

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provide speaker, mic, mic stand and music for ceremony.  

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CO2 cannon package

With a blast of compressed air from a hand held cannon.   Add some excitement to your night with this add-on.  


Package includes 4 bottles of CO2 and one cannon gun and operator. 

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Cocktail hour

option selected if you have a wedding package or other event with the cocktail hour not included in package.


Dancing on the clouds

Dry ice effect to produce a low layered fog 


Monogram projected onto the dance floor and/or wall.

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Intel dance lights

(2 to 4) pre-programmed dance lights and first dance spot light. 

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Visual Lighting and Audio (VLA) package

Package includes 


- Assistant for setup 

- TV monitors for montage

- (4) Intel dance lights 

- Sound package upgraded with two top speakers and       two subwoofers also available in white. 

- White L.E.D back lit dj booth if not already selected 

- (16) uplights 

- (4) Wash dance lights for blinders

Package can only be added to Essential Wedding Packages and Classic DJ Package


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photo booth

Making those ever lasting moments with a self standing photo booth with attendant.


Prestige Sound Package

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Premium Sound Package

(2) top full range speakers over (2) subwoofers 

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Simple dance lighting

Dance lighting with (1) dance bar light


Screen package

Two screens to display your montage, slide shows and videos. All material must be supplied by client. 

Package consist of 4 top and 4 subwoofer setup.  

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White L.E.D. DJ Booth/Scrims


Sound Enhancement Package

Subwoofer add on ideal for out door and large events, weddings and sweet sixteen. Suggested for 120+ guest. 

White back lit dj booth



2 to 4 indoor sparkler effect machines. 


16 led lights that add to ambience of any venue.



Additional uplight available. 

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