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March Monthly Rotation

I'm celebrating my 27th birthday this week, and every cake day I take some time to reflect on what once was. This time 10 years ago, I would've been driving to school in my recently handed down '94 Accord, jamming to a carefully curated mix CD (back then, the aux cord wasn't a widely available thing, so all that fire had to be condensed to 80 minutes).

But now the digital era is in full effect. If I want to share what I'm currently listening to, I can deliver at the click of a button (or the tap of a screen). So every month, I'm letting you peek inside my head to check out the sounds bouncing around. It could be a song, it could be an entire album, it could be from the past, or just released last night. Whatever the case, I'm feeling the sounds and I think you will too. So enjoy.

D'Angelo and the Vanguard-Black Messiah

Neo Soul, at its absolute finest. Reminds me a lot of Sly and the Family Stone's There's a Riot Going On.

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam-Let the Beat Hit 'Em

Guaranteed body mover, really makes you miss the 90s.

Little Dragon-Nabuma Rubberband

Couldn't pick one song so I'm throwing the whole album on here. And it sounds just as good live as it does through headphones...that girl can sing.

Kanye West-We Major ft. Nas & Really Doe

Everybody talking about Ye lately, so I'm taking it back to his finest work (go ahead, challenge me).


Been listening to this one for a while now. Other than just being an amazing piece of work, it's helping me become a better producer and musician. A must for any aspiring artist.


Heard this playing at Yard's Brewery the other day, ended up zoning out and ignoring friends for the four minutes that followed. They're used to it.

Lauryn Hill-Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

I don't usually listen to the radio, but when I do, somebody is mixing classic hip hop and R&B. And then I get to enjoy gems like this again.

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