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April Monthly Rotation: Coachella Edition

Coachella! It's more than free spirits, celeb appearances and getting your friends to ride a ferris wheel dressed up as Power Rangers (yup). The most important element is the music, dude. A number of the world's best and most prominent music artists took center stage to showcase your favorite jams and share some new material.

Althought I wasn't able to attend personally, that doesn't mean I was out of the loop. You can watch some of the music sets from Coachella Week One here and listen to studio versions of featured songs below:

Tame Impala- Let It Happen

Tame Impala has been one of my favorite bands for a couple years now. Why? Because they manage to take a dad's Psych Rock and blend it with his kids' Electronic sound. It's trippy, it's beautiful, and there's 8 minutes of it in this song-turned-jam session upcoming on their next project Currents.

Jamie xx- Sleep Sound

This is what 1AM at a Carribean beach bar sounds like. Somebody please throw this song over re-cut scenes from Cocktail. His new album In Colour arrives early this summer.

Kaskade- MIA to LAS

Word has it that Kaskade drew one of the largest crowds this past weekend and even dropped a new song featuring his own vocals. You can hear that here (sorry for the low quality, it's still unreleased) or keep grooving to the well-traveled track above.

St. Vincent- Surgeon

Big statement from the Fool's Gold Records co-founder, especially when AC/DC is in the house, but he isn't exactly wrong. Annie Clark aka St. Vincent brings that ruckus every time. I remember when a former co-worker first scooped me to this treasure...didn't get much work done the rest of the week.

AC/DC- Thunderstuck

For a music festival that is becoming increasingly electronic, it was nice to see these legends take front and center. And they sounded goooood (proof).

Coachella Week Two is coming up in just a few days—For Those About to Rock (again), We Salute You.

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